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We engage in collaborations

We at SEB have a strong belief that commitment drives change. Through our partnerships we want to become involved so that together we can create conditions to increase diversity and contribute to a more inclusive and equal society. 

SEB has various collaborations designed to promote inclusion and diversity in the countries in which we operate. Here we have collected together information about the collaborations that we mainly have in Sweden. Our aim is that this site will be dynamic and that we continuously will add interesting information from all our sites. 

With Mentor och Mitt Liv we build bridges to the business community for young students and people with a foreign background

In Sweden, SEB collaborates with Mentor and Mitt Liv – two organisations that in slightly different ways work to get people into working life with the help of mentors. While Mentor is aimed at young students and has the ambition to build bridges both between young people and adults and between schools and the business community. Mitt Liv focuses on people with a foreign background and tertiary education. There it is about helping students to get jobs that corresponds to their skills and qualifications. 

Unicus give us testing services with a twist

SEB collaborates with Unicus, an IT consulting company that sells “testing services with a twist”. The twist is that the company only employees people with Asperger’s syndrome, who have previously been unemployed. SEB engages consultants from Unicus to work with testing. 

SEB cooperates with Crip in Tech to get more people with physical disabilities into the IT industry

Crip in Tech offers companies certification, coaching, training and other consulting services from IT consultants with reduced mobility.  

We participate in The European Diversity Month with Diversity Charter Sweden

Diversity Charter is a non-profit organisation that works to promote diversity in companies and organisations. They want inclusion and diversity to be an integrated part of the strategy of every company and organisation. In conjunction with SEB signing up to Diversity Charter Sweden, the bank participates in the European Commission’s initiative for the annual European Diversity Month in May which draws attention to the importance of diversity in the workplace.