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The overall responsibility of the Board cannot be delegated. However, the Board has established committees to handle certain defined issues and to prepare such issues for decision by the Board of Directors.

At present, there are three committees within the Board of Directors: the Risk and Capital Committee, the Audit and Compliance Committee and the Remuneration and Human Resources Committee. Minutes are kept of each committee meeting and communicated to the other Board members promptly after the meetings. The committees report regularly to the Board of Directors. Committee members are appointed for a period of one year at a time.

It is an important principle that as many Board members as possible shall participate in the committee work, also as committee chairmen. Although the Chairman of the Board is a member of all three committees, he is not chairing any of them. Neither the President nor any other officer of the Bank is a member of the committees.

The work of the Board committees is regulated through instructions adopted by the Board. Apart from the committee work, no work distribution is applied by the Board.

Risk and Capital Committee

The Board's Risk and Capital Committee is tasked with supporting the Board in overseeing and ensuring that the Bank’s organisation is managed in such a way that all risks inherent in the Group’s business are identified, defined, measured, monitored and controlled in accordance with external and internal rules.


Jesper Ovesen (Chair)
Marcus Wallenberg (Vice-Chair)
Sven Nyman

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Remuneration and Human Resources Committee

The Remuneration and Human Resources Committee prepares, for decision by the Board, appointments of the President and the members of the GEC. The Committee develops, monitors and evaluates SEB's incentive programmes and how the guidelines established by the AGM for remuneration of the President and the members of the GEC are applied.


Signhild Arnegård Hansen (Chair)
Marcus Wallenberg (Vice-Chair)
Anne-Catherine Berner

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Audit and Compliance Committee

The Board's Audit and Compliance Committee supports the Board in its work with quality control of the Bank's financial reporting and internal control over the financial reporting.


Helena Saxon (Chair)
Marcus Wallenberg (Vice-Chair)
Winnie Fok
Jesper Ovesen

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