We support future generations – the core of our sponsoring

We support future generations. That is what permeates throughout our sponsoring activities. We enter collaborations that highlight SEB´s role as corporate citizen in the countries where we are active – and in areas where we have a heritage of strong commitment.

This means that we prioritise three areas for our sponsoring:

Entrepreneurship and innovation

We support entrepreneurship in all steps from start up companies to the entrepreneurial elite. We collaborate with organisations in all steps of the entrepreneurial staircase.


We collaborate with the non-profit organisation Mentor, which works to prevent youth violence and drug use. More than 1 000 employees in Sweden and the Baltic countries have participated in different kinds of mentorships aiming to offer a bridge into professional working life for young people lacking contact with adult role models. With the tennis-focused SEB Next Generation programme, we are also running one of the largest youth activities in Sweden. We also sponsor a number of youth activities in the other Nordic and Baltic countries.

Education and knowledge

We support research and education, both in the form of contributions to academic chairs and research projects, and by long-term collaboration with universities and student organisations throughout the Nordic region.