Our role in society

SEB have, as all banks, a central role in society. We help our clients with financing, investments, secure payments and asset management, and through this we contribute to economic development, international trade and financial security. Through our expertise, we make it easier for households, entrepreneurs and companies to make informed decisions so that they can realize their plans and goals. This creates value for our customers, strengthens loyalty and ultimately represents a long-term value for our shareholders.



Code of conduct

In our business dealings we are guided by SEB's Code of Conduct, which is supported by the Board of Directors. The code highlights important issues covered in existing external and internal rules and also provides guidance on how to live by SEB's values.

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Responsible and active ownership

How does SEB act as owner and investor? Learn more about how we screen and influence the companies that we invest in.

Our responsible and active ownership


Position on lobbying

SEB has strict guidelines towards unethical influence, whether within business or society.

Our position on lobbying