SEB’s largest fund will now be sustainable

SEB’s largest mutual fund – SEB Världenfond – will now be sustainable. At the same time, the name of the fund is being changed to SEB Hållbarhetsfond Världen. Anna Sigurd, who manages the fund, tells more about the change.

Since 1990 the bank's customers have had the opportunity to save in SEB Världenfond. The fund's sustainability focus is now being further intensified – a change that is in line with the growing importance that customers assign to sustainability.

"SEB Världenfond is one of our oldest funds and our largest one", says Anna Sigurd. "With the fund now adopting the profile of a fully-fledged sustainability fund, demonstrates that sustainability is important for us at SEB and is high on the bank's agenda."

SEB Hållbarhetsfond Världen will continue to be an actively managed mixed fund.

"The asset classes and regions as well as the allocation among them will be the same as previously," Anna explains. "However, we will be fully implementing our global sustainability strategy in the fund, which entails both negative and positive selection of companies. We will exclude companies whose operations go against international guidelines and conventions in the area of sustainability.

"Among others, we will be excluding companies involved in the manufacture, development or sale of weapons. The fund will also exclude companies engaged in the extraction of fossil fuels and tobacco. We are also working with positive selection in our sustainability strategy, where among other things we will be investing in companies that work actively for a lower carbon footprint in various areas."

Hans Ek, responsible for sustainability and ownership-related questions within Investment Management, says that the change in SEB Världenfond will make the fund company's offering of sustainable products even more comprehensive.

"Today approximately 30 per cent of the fund company´s assets under management, or roughly SEK 200bn, is managed in accordance with our strictest sustainability criteria," he says. "We are constantly building upon our offering of sustainability funds, and at present we can offer everything from sustainable bond and factor funds to funds focusing essentially on all geographic areas.

"We are working with sustainability in several ways – in part by giving existing products a more pronounced sustainability orientation, and in part by developing new products with a sustainability focus. Then you should not forget that all of our actively managed SEB funds maintain a high standard with respect to sustainability aspects."

The change will take place gradually and is expected to be complete in six months.

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