SEB Sweden Small Cap Fund awarded

The Swedish business magazine Privata Affärer has appointed 2018 best funds and SEB Sweden Small Cap Fund is awarded best Small Cap Fund. Per Trygg manages the fund, together with his colleagues Daniel Klint and Kristofer Antonsson.

The management philosophy of the fund is to select 40-50 small and medium-sized companies that the team believes provide good return in a longer perspective. Through picking the right companies at the right time, Per and his team have managed to grow the fund with more than 5 per cent in 2018, which is clearly higher than its benchmark. During the last three years the fund has grown with 32 per cent.
- This of course feels very gratifying. I am both proud and happy about the award, which means we add value to our customers and offer a competitive product. Most of the companies in the fund have had a strong development during the year. We are looking for companies with a stable business model, in industries that are in a positive trend, says Per Trygg.
Since small companies are less liquid than larger ones, it is not possible to enter or exit the investments at any time.
- Therefore, it is more difficult to have a short-term perspective in a small cap fund. Small companies are also less transparent and analysed than larger ones, and I think that the management team is even more important in small companies as they are closer to the business in many cases", says Trygg.
The jury behind the Fund of the Year awards makes, among other things, an assessment based on return and risk in 2018 and three years back. The funds may not have changed managers during the period and must be available on at least one large fund platform.

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