SEB Emerging Market Fund awarded

Marie-Anne Meldahl and Rikard Andersson, Head of Equities within SEB Investment Management., Sweden's largest fund platform, announced on Wednesday their awards for 2018 among more than 1,800 funds. SEB Emerging Market Fund takes the top position in the category Emerging Markets/Frontier Funds. The fund is managed by the Global Equities team with Marie-Anne Meldahl as responsible fund manager.

What the winners in each category have in common is that they are all at the
forefront of sustainable investments and that they with an average lower risk
have managed to navigate this year's volatile markets. SEB Emerging Markets Fund is the fund in its category that has managed to combine investments in both
different countries and sectors and navigate in all emerging markets in the best
way. The fund has, despite a challenging climate, overperformed compared to its
benchmark index and benefited from the opportunities given in this turbulent

- We are looking for companies with a combination of high quality and attractive valuation, that the market has a positive view on. What distinguishes us from other managers is that we do this with a quantitative, or systematic, process which gives us the opportunity to analyze significantly more companies and make consistent decisions that are not colored by personal impressions or perceptions, says Marie-Anne Meldahl.

- Another advantage of our fund management is that the fund is well diversified with a balanced risk, which was clear with last year’s prerequisites. It was turbulent in several markets during some periods, but thanks to the diversification, we have had a positive return that weighed up when some areas was shaky, which on the total led to good returns without taking too high risk.