Top PRI ratings for SEB again

2005, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan invited a group of the world’s largest institutional investors to join a process to develop Principles for Responsible Investments and 2006, six principles were established on what responsible investments are. Initially there were 100 signatories. Today this number has grown to nearly 1.900 signatories together managing more than USD 80 trilllions. Every year signatories are scrutinized, assessed and scored on products and processes.

“We have received top score for the last five years which is a real accomplishment. We started integrating sustainability into our investment processes on a broader scale during 2015. Since then we have raised the bar and continuously work to secure that sustainability is a natural part of all our management", says Anette Andersson, investment specialist within ESG at Investment Management.

The criteria for achieving the highest ratings develop continuously and the demands increase in line with developments in the sustainability area. It's no longer just about integrating sustainability factors into investment strategies but also to show how these have contributed to financial return.

“The area of sustainable investments is evolving fast and to reach top score continuously is an important confirmation. Although there is more to do in the area, it is great to see that our increased focus on integrating sustainability in the investment process, combined with increased sustainability ambitions in many of our products, has paid off”, Anette concludes.