The Multi Management Team

Multi Management is the unit who manages client solutions for customers with needs beyond single strategies or single asset classes. We apply a common Asset Allocation Process which is produced by the Asset Allocation Team in Stockholm who works in close cooperation with the entire SEB Group to maximize the benefit of SEB's full competence within financial markets. The unit consists of expertise within Asset Allocation, Manager Selection and Portfolio Construction.

The investment process is fundamentally based on continuous market analysis and extensive experience. However, quantitative supporting tools are a natural part of the investment process in the screening process, analysis process and portfolio construction. The portfolios are characterized by transparency and with the connection to the publicly published SEB House View the process is fully transparent and uses the full leverage of the competence in the SEB Group. All in all, this leads to high quality long term portfolios and predictability thanks to the connection to SEB House View.

The different teams within the Multi Management unit have, in addition to the common core of the process, also local knowledge in order to create tailored solutions for the local customers' needs. In addition, the geographical width allow for local market knowledge in each respective market. Our teams sit close to SEB's customers and are prepared to meet their need in a flexible but robust manner.