Inclusion and diversity at SEB

We are convinced that inclusion and diversity are crucial for our prosperity, innovativeness and growth. Put simply, a broad variety of ideas, skills and experiences among our employees will serve to increase our creativity, problem solving-skills and our understanding of customer needs. On this page you will find a brief overview of our work within the field.   


What inclusion and diversity mean to us

This is how we look upon inclusion and diversity:

  • We define inclusion as a state of being valued, respected and involved. In an inclusive organisation, everyone can contribute to their fullest potential. It is a culture where we promote a variety of thoughts, are curious about new perspectives, experiences, and are respectful of differences.
  • By diversity we mean respect for and appreciation of differences in personalities and professional and educational background, as well as in identity such as age, gender, geographical provenance, sexual orientation and disability.


How we implement inclusion and diversity in our daily business

Inclusion and diversity are integral parts of, for example, our leadership trainings, recruitment processes and succession planning. Some of our actions in the field include:

  • Conducting an annual equal pay review and adjusting any unjustifiable pay gaps.
  • Continuously holding events, seminars, round tables and workshops to increase the awareness among all our employees. 
  • Performing unbiased and anonymous recruitments for our trainee programs, with the support of the recruitment firm TNG.

Our commitments

In our work with inclusion and diversity we have committed to a series of goals. Here are some examples:

  • Fostering an inclusive, value-driven culture where employees feel valued, respected and involved irrespective of who they are, what they believe in or where they come from.
  • Increasing diversity in teams.
  • Actively appointing more women for key leadership roles.
  • Recruiting, developing and advancing people with international backgrounds.
  • Rejecting all forms of discrimination or harassment.

 Inclusion and Diversity Policy

The below charts illustrate the current status on some of the issues relating to inclusion and diversity within SEB. 
Group Executive Committee

Gender distribution on SEB’s Group Executive Committee. 



Senior managers

Gender distribution of Senior Managers at SEB.



All managers

Gender distribution of all managers at SEB. 



Equal opportunities

Shows the average score, on a scale from 0-100, for employees at SEB responding to the statement ¨Regardless of background, everyone at SEB has equal opportunity to succeed". 


All employees

Gender and age group distribution of all employees at SEB. 



Employee turnover rate 

– average percentage of employees who leave SEB in a year.