Stakeholder dialogues

Addressing stakeholders’ views and expectations are critical for SEB’s continuous development and ability to create long-term value. We want to be open and transparent and increase the possibilities to establish a frank and robust dialogue. 

We engage with stakeholders in the community and incorporate their feedback in order to ensure that we prioritise the most important issues and secure a responsible and sustainable business.

By listening to them we can better understand emerging trends, important issues and how to prioritise and integrate them into our business strategy.

In line with our strong customer focus and our vision to deliver world-class service, our customers are our main focus group, but we have active dialogues with all key stakeholder groups.

In addition, we actively involve customers in our business development, in design as well as in testing of prototypes.

We use a range of mechanisms for engagement, including customer surveys and panels, roundtables, and one-on-one meetings.