Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct describes SEB’s way of working and guides us in our business relationships. The Code helps employees in their efforts to build long lasting relationships with customers and other stakeholders. All SEB employees are responsible for adhering to the content of this document and for asking for guidance when necessary.

The Code of Conduct covers all employees of the SEB Group – in all markets where SEB operates – and all those who represent companies within the Group, including members of the board, independent contractors and consultants.

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Whistleblowing at SEB

SEB has a whistleblowing process for reporting irregularities. If an employee or other person should discover possible unethical or unlawful behaviour, you should report your observations.
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Our business is governed by a set of policies and instructions. Within the Corporate Sustainability area, we abide by, among others, the Corporate Sustainability Policy, the Environmental Policy and the Human Rights Policy. Access our policies here.