Annual General Meeting 2021

SEB’s Annual General Meeting has been held on Tuesday, 30 March 2021. 

Due to the covid-19-pandemic and the restrictions that have been introduced to limit the spread of infection, the Board has decided that the Annual General Meeting shall be conducted without the physical presence of shareholders, proxies or third parties and that shareholders shall have the opportunity to exercise their voting rights only by postal voting in advance.

Shareholders will have the opportunity to ask questions in writing prior to the Annual General Meeting. These must be received by SEB no later than 20 March 2021 and will be answered no later than 25 March 2021. SEB will carry out a webcast with the Chair of the Board, the President and the external auditor on a 14:00 on 24 March 2021 at this webpage. In the webcast, the Chair and the President will, among other things, give their views on the past year and provide answers to questions received from Shareholders questions sent in from the shareholders, and reflect also on other questions that affect SEB and the bank’s customers.

Further information about postal voting is found in the notice convening the AGM and in the form for postal voting.

Notice and proxy

Notice for the AGM 2021

The notice is published in Post- och Inrikes Tidningar on February 24, 2021. The complete proposals for the Annual General Meeting are available below.

Proxy for voting 2021

Apply to the Annual General Meeting

Form for postal voting

Documents 2021

The Nomination Committee proposals 2021
Item 14 Information about proposed Board of Directors
Item 15 Information about auditor
Item 16 Remuneration report
Auditor’s statement on compliance with guidelines for remuneration
Item 17 Proposal on long-term equity programmes
Item 18 Proposal on acquisition and sale of own shares
Item 19 Proposal on authorisation to issue convertibles
Item 21 Proposal to amend the Articles of Association
Item 22 Proposal from shareholder Elisabeth Dahlerius Dahlin
Item 23 Proposal from shareholder Rolf Lindahl

Processing of personal data

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