Private Banking

How can we help you?

We look after all aspects of your, your family's and your business's finances, from the daily transactions to the long-term investments. You get your own team of experts with a private banker and a client assistant, who have plenty of time for you. With SEB, you'll have immediate access to the expertise that you need – and we'll even highlight appropriate solutions that you might not have yet considered.

We have the experience, breadth and expertise to assist you in both large and small. We follow you across borders, and remain with you at home. Our relationship with you is the most important thing we have. And we know that your needs and goals are unique. Together we build a financial platform that saves time and makes your life more convenient. We simply stand by your side.

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About our offer

Private banking is the collective name for all the services we provide if you have significant wealth to invest or complex personal finances requiring the help of specialists. We provide a full range of dedicated services under one roof – and we speak your language.

Do you wish to take an active role in investment decisions? We offer analysis and recommendations to guide you. Do you prefer to delegate the day-to-day management of your investments to us? Our financial experts offer discretionary management with a time horizon and risk level to suit you.

Are you looking for pension- and insurance solutions? We have them. We also support your financing needs and assist you in legal and tax matters. And for your every-day finances – leave them in our hands. We take care of all your financial needs to make your life easier. With us, you will quickly learn what real private banking can mean.

The details of our offering may vary from country to country. To find out more and read about the unique services in each country, please see our contact details.