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  • “It will be exciting to be able to focus entirely on making SEB a more data-driven company,” she says. “Data is the heart of the bank, and that heart beats for its customers", says Salla Franzén, newly appointed Chief Data Scientist at SEB. 

  • During her studies she specialised in intelligent systems, but when she started at SEB in 2008 she hardly thought she would have any use for it. “It’s incredibly fun to be able to work with what you have a passion for,” says Erica Lundin, Head of the Aida Center of Excellence since February.

  • “As the Trump drama continues, with unclear implications for geopolitics and US fiscal policy, we will turn more focus on the future of Europe and monetary policy”. SEB´s chief economist Robert Bergqvist foresees an exciting start of the autumn, in a short comment.

  • Over the last three years, SEB has nominated 64 board candidates. 39 of them were women. This means that SEB has reached the gender equality target set by the government during the election.

  • SEB, together with eleven other leading trade finance banks, has developed a prototype to modernise international trade using distributed ledger technology.

  • SEB’s Chief Economist Robert Bergqvist has compiled four questions and answers related to a decision by Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s to reshuffle the government.

  • With great passion and a humble yet ambitious mindset – this is how Johan Torgeby, SEB’s CEO since March, wants to lead the Bank. 

  • At the end of May SEB began reporting how much carbon dioxide the Bank’s equity funds emit in relation to their benchmark indices. 

  • Nasdaq Stockholm has decided to imposed a fine on SEB. The decision is related to SEB’s communication of former CEO Annika Falkengren’s resignation from SEB.

  • The operating profit for the second quarter 2017 was SEK 5.7bn (5.5) and return on equity 13.2 per cent (12.2). Excluding items affecting comparability, which occurred in 2016, return on equity was 12.7 per cent (11.7).

  • The operating profit for the second quarter 2017 was SEK 5.7bn (5.5) and return on equity 13.2 per cent (12.2). Excluding items affecting comparability, which occurred in 2016, return on equity was 12.7 per cent (11.7).

  • SEB's Chief Strategist Johan Javeus have compiled 10 questions and answers that examine the debts and financial situation of Swedish households.

  • SEB's result for the second quarter 2017 will be announced on Friday, 14 July, at 07:00 (Swedish time). 

  • The Swedish financial supervisory authority, Finansinspektionen, has issued a remark and an administrative fee of SEK 12 million to SEB for an error in the transaction reporting of bonds and other financial instruments during a couple of years.

  • Unfortunately the number of frauds increase and the imposters use yet more sophisticated methods. Here are some important points to look out for.

  • SEB's fund management company this week published a list of about 40 additional companies that it intended to exclude when making investments. The news drew great attention and created a lot of positive response, but also negative reactions.


  • From June 12, all companies that violate international standards for the environment, corruption, human rights and labor law will be removed from SEB's funds.

  • SEB's microfinance funds today reach 18 million entrepreneurs in developing countries. The fifth fund was recently closed – fully subscribed.

  • SEB economists Robert Bergqvist and Richard Falkenhäll present 11 questions and answers that try to explain the consequences of Britain's election result.

  • 70 international IT developers attended SEB's first internal Hackathon. Within 24 hours, 15 teams coded a great variety of product and system prototypes.