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  • Pay increases in major advanced economies have speeded up in recent years. But in Sweden, we have not seen any similar pay acceleration, says Håkan Frisén and Olle Holmgren in this week's Reflections.

  • In December last year a reverse mentoring initiative started where members of SEB's Group Executive Committee were paired with a few of the bank's millennials to gain new perspectives. For Mats Torstendahl and Maria Bernstål, sales manager for the SME segment, it was a good match.

  • As opposed to before, the Swedish currency now has some defensive qualities and may therefore not fall in value and provide a cushion for the economy when the next slowdown arrives.

  • SEB's result for the third quarter 2018 will be announced on Thursday, 25 October, at 07:00 (Swedish time). 

  • Joachim Alpen, co-head of Large Corporates & Financial Institutions at SEB, joins the board at the newly founded Stockholm Sustainable Finance Centre, SSFC. 

  • Sweden’s largest real estate company Vasakronan on 21 September issued the world’s first green certificates.

  • The IT Young Professional Programme, ITYPP, started 2008 to attract new competences to SEB. Kamil Herzog was one of the first to participate and still has a lot to thank the program for.

  • For the third consecutive year, SEB is included as the only Nordic bank in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the world's most recognized investor sustainability rating.

  • SEB’s investment experts recommend a neutral allocation between equities, fixed-income and alternative investments. This is a slight change away from equities compared to the previous issue in May.

  • “The financial market has a key role to play in creating economic drivers that contribute to a sustainability shift. The better we are at this, the faster the transformation will take place”, says Karl-Oskar Olming, new Chief Sustainability Strategist at SEB.

  • SEB’s economists are sticking to an optimistic forecast in which global GDP will increase by about 4 per cent yearly in 2018 and 2019, followed by a mild deceleration in 2020. 

  • The inability of the parties to deal with Sweden’s new political landscape will hinder the formation of a strong, decisive government, says Håkan Frisén and Daniel Bergvall in the Economic Insights on the Swedish election coming up.

  • Global import tariffs have trended downward for the past 30 years. But increased populism is fuelling protectionism. The trade war will intensify this autumn, foresees Chief Strategist Robert Bergqvist in his reflections for August. 

  • The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), which monitors compliance with the EU Credit Rating Agency Regulation (CRAR), has issued SEB with a sanction of 495,000 euros.

  • Operating profit for the second quarter 2018 was SEK 10.7bn (5.3). Return on equity was 29.9 per cent (11.6) while return on equity before items affecting comparability was 16.5 per cent (11.6). 

  • Operating profit for the second quarter 2018 was SEK 10.7bn (5.3). Return on equity was 29.9 per cent (11.6) while return on equity before items affecting comparability was 16.5 per cent (11.6).

  • Corda Enterprise is now being launched, the next step in the development of a scalable, global infrastructure based on blockchain technology.

  • Our AI Guild recently arranged the very popular AI Day here at Arenastaden. Hundreds flocked to hear both internal experts as well as invited profiled guests talk. Watch the film!

  • SEB now launches its Developer Portal for public use, welcoming developers to sign up and get access to the first APIs that are part of SEB's Open Banking journey.