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Board of Directors proposed for SEB Swedbank

On February 22 of this year the Boards of Directors of FöreningsSparbanken and SEB announced a proposal to merge the two banks to form SEB Swedbank. The principal shareholders in FöreningsSparbanken and SEB now have announced that the following individuals have been proposed as Members of the Board of Directors of SEB Swedbank:
Göran Collert, Co-chairman
Jacob Wallenberg, Co-chairman
Carl Eric Stålberg, Deputy Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of JM AB
Gösta Wiking, Deputy Chairman, Chairman of Bure
Ulf Christoffersson, President of Westra Wermlands Sparbank
Claes Dahlbäck, Deputy Chairman of Investor
Bo Forslund, Chairman of Sparbanksstiftelsernas Förvaltnings AB
Penny Hughes, Board Member of Vodafone
Urban Jansson, Chairman of Perstorp
Thomas Johansson, Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Swedish Farmers Göran Johnsson, Chairman of the Swedish Metal Workers' Union Birgitta Klasén, CIO of Pharmacia Corp.
Hans-Joachim Körber, CEO of Metro AG
Carl Wilhelm Ros, Board Member of IKEA
Lars H Thunell, President and Chief Executive Officer
Birgitta Johansson-Hedberg, Deputy Board Member, Deputy President and Chief Executive Officer
Employee representatives will be appointed as well.
The aim is to eventually reduce the number of Board Members.
In late May the Boards of Directors of the two banks will sign the legal merger plan that will then be announced. Thereafter a formal application will be submitted to the EU. The Extraordinary General Meetings that will vote on the merger plan are scheduled for late August/early September. A prospectus will be made available well in advance of the meetings.
The work to prepare the integration is progressing according to plan in 18 integration projects and a hundred subprojects.