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SEB starts online broker SEBdirect in Germany

Since SEB acquired BfG Bank in Germany in January this year, the number of e-banking customers has almost doubled to 120, 000. The online broker SEBdirect is based on SEB´s pan European Internet model. It is expected that this will help BfG to well exceed the e-banking target of 130, 000 customers by the end of the year.

SEBdirect offers a modern and highly efficient online brokerage to clients who wish to take a personal charge of their investment decisions. Its target clients are discerning and enthusiastic private investors, who will get advice on their investment decisions by comprehensive information, research and analyses.

"We use professional tools, easy handling, speed and transparency to facilitate for our customers", said Christian Poggemann, managing director SEBdirect.

In the beginning of 2001 SEBdirect is planning to offer services on mobilephones.