29 Mar 2021 15:29

SEB on top in Prospera’s fixed income Sweden ranking

SEB moved ahead of Danske Bank in this year’s Prospera ranking for fixed income in Sweden. The other three large competitors are well behind the leading duo in the ranking.

SEB improved in almost all measurements in Prospera's ranking, and are well ahead with tier1 investors. We asked Carolina Crevatin Martin, head of Fixed Income at SEB, what they did and about plans for future.

How did you manage to take the top spot?

We have experienced a positive trend in the Prospera rankings for four years now. Over the past couple of years we have transformed how we work, focusing on giving more and better advise and improving our risk management in particular.

I believe we have also been better than our competitors in moving to new digitalised ways of trading on several platforms, whilst still keeping close to our customers.

What are your plans for future?

We will continue working hard with digitalisation, which will help improve and speed up how we quote prices. We also aim to broaden our customer base internationally and thereby achieve further scale effects in our pricing.

Another important area to improve further is sustainability-related advisory. We are very good at this, but we need to keep up with developments within the product areas. And customers are increasingly asking for it.

What are you most proud of related to this award?

I am happy that we through hard work and commitment finally managed to move past Danske Bank after so many years, despite 2020 being a very challenging year in many ways. This is truly a team effort where all parts within Fixed Income; Sales and Trading; Research and Strategy, Quant and XVA have contributed to this award.

Kantar Prospera interviewed portfolio managers and traders at 39 financial institutions in Sweden for this ranking. They classified 21 of them av Tier 1.

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