20 Nov 2018 13:45

Adam Österman – a driving force in SEB’s Innovation Lab

SEB's Innovation Lab gives our employees the possibility to work on their ideas and create new solutions for our customers. Meet Adam Österman who works in the lab and is driven by releasing innovation and creating new ways of working within the bank. 

How does a work day in SEB’s Innovation Lab look like?

"Every day I have the chance to meet new colleagues and people outside the bank who inspires me and is inspired by us. Combine that with helping people realise their ideas and you have what makes our lab so amazing."

How did you end up in the Innovation Lab?

"I did an internship at SEB leading to a side job in customer service. After a while I started working as a web editor at SEB.se where I, in parallel, developed an application for virtual house views in our Innovation Lab. I have stayed in the lab since then and am now helping other to drive and realise their ideas."

What’s best with your job?

"No day is like another, which I really like. And all the amazing people I met! A real highlight was when I was given the opportunity to present our VR app for the then Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, together with our former CEO Annika Falkengren and Investor’s board in connection to their 100th anniversary."

What’s your favorite app?

"Google maps!"