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Sharp rise for SEB in survey of sustainable investments

Elisabet Jamal Bergström, head of Sustainability at SEB Investment Management

ShareAction’s 2023 Point of No Returns report ranks SEB Investment Management as the ninth best asset manager in the world regarding sustainability in investment management. Since the 2020 survey, SEB Investment Management has improved its ranking by a full 51 places.

ShareAction, a non-profit UK organisation, has carried out an assessment of 77 major asset managers and how they integrate sustainability in their investment management. Performance is divided into governance, stewardship, climate, biodiversity and social issues and includes both strategic policy work and the operational work of assessing investments and driving change at the companies.

SEB Investment Management placed ninth in the world and second-best in Sweden in the survey which is based on data from 2022. The improvement by 51 places since 2020 is second best out of all managers assessed.

“We are very pleased with our positive result in this year’s ShareAction survey. It is confirmation of the strategic sustainability initiatives we have carried out since 2020, in particular our sustainability policy, development of SIMS-S and our focus on corporate governance and company dialogues. We look forward to continuing to deliver good results within all sustainability issues and developing our operations, in particular within biodiversity,” says Elisabet Jamal Bergström, head of Sustainability at SEB Investment Management.

SIMS-S is short for SEB IM Sustainability Score, a proprietary sustainability model for scoring companies on their sustainability merits. SEB is using it as a tool to identify companies with positive sustainability characteristics for inclusion in funds.

About ShareAction

ShareAction is a UK organisation governed by among others Amnesty International and WWF. They survey the world’s largest investment managers and assess how well they integrate sustainability issues in their investment management broken down by governance, stewardship, climate, biodiversity and social issues.

Read more about the survey (shareaction.org)