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SEB launched campaign to promote women's entrepreneurship

A lone woman making her way in a sea of dark-clad people. This is the main image in a campaign about women's entrepreneurship that SEB launched on 16 March. Now is the time to break the ”entreprenorm’, is the key message.

This is the fourth year in a row that SEB, in collaboration with the organisation Ownershift, has carried out a market activity in Sweden focusing on equal opportunities. The underlying idea is that men and women should have equal opportunities to own, save and start a business.

SEB has built a campaign page here on the corporate website where you can read several articles on what the bank is doing regarding this subject. You can also view the ads and a recap from an event SEB arranged in Stockholm on 16 March.

Visit the campaign page

The starting point in the campaign is the fact that only 30 per cent of those who own private companies in Sweden are women. In SEB's customer base, the figure is slightly higher, but the pattern is the same. If you look at all OECD countries, the figures are at roughly at the same level.

“The main reason why it looks like it does is norms. Even though there are many strong networks for women, women entrepreneurs have few intersection points with the predominantly male investor networks,” says Mathias Appelblad, Creative Director in Marketing & Communications.