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SEB retains its position as the leading corporate bank in the Nordics in a new survey by Kantar Sifo Prospera. Large corporates once again ranked SEB as number one in Sweden and Finland and now also in Norway.

“It is really gratifying. Being top ranked by customers is the best acknowledgement you can get. It's a prioritised KPI every year and it is truly rewarding when we achieve it,” says Andreas Fredriksson, Head of Corporate Banking in SEB.

Prospera is basing its Corporate Banking 2022 survey on interviews with 322 large companies in the four Nordic countries. The respondents have rated their bank relationships based on eleven different categories which have then been weighed together to form an overall result "Overall Performance".

At 4.27, SEB receives the highest rating and ranks as number one overall. Looking at the eleven subcategories, survey respondents rank SEB number one in nine of them. This applies to, among other things, industry knowledge, financial competence, coordinated offering, strategic advice, customised solutions, proactivity, quick decisions, and sustainability support.

“We always work actively with the Prospera results. It is a good tool for us to calibrate our daily efforts. We see where we need to improve and set up a plan which we then follow,” says Andreas Fredriksson.

When it comes to the various markets, SEB consolidates its strong position in Sweden, where survey respondents have ranked the bank number one for 12 consecutive years. Also in Finland, SEB retains the top position and now also climbs up to first place in Norway. In Denmark, SEB falls back somewhat.

What have you done well this year?

“In general, we have proactively been assisting our customers through the turbulent times, not least in the energy sector. We brought with us some learnings from the pandemic, where we had a similar situation with numerous large requests in a short time span. We developed agile processes to handle these matters very quickly and we have benefited from that also during the turbulent times we currently are experiencing,” says Andreas Fredriksson.

Prospera's top five list (pdf, kantarsifo.se)