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“I hadn’t really thought of SEB as an employer for tech people”

Back in January, Celine Helgesson Hallström saw an online ad reading ‘Are you a student with a passion for machine learning and sustainability?’. She clicked ‘yes’ – and had soon participated in and won ‘Tech Talent of the Year’, as well as landed an internship at SEB. An inspiring experience, it proved.

It is the employer branding company Universum that arranges Tech Talent of the Year, with SEB as a sponsor. After a week-long case competition – including a fair share of data crunching and modelling – Celine came out on top, which earned her an internship at SEB’s Swedish and Baltic divisions this summer.

“It’s been eight fantastic weeks. I especially appreciate the possibility to engage with so many different teams, in two different countries. The fact that I was able to decide for myself which areas and tasks I wanted to explore also appealed to me. I got to do a few interesting smaller tasks, in addition to one bigger, main assignment”, Celine says.

She adds:

“Funnily enough, I hadn’t really thought of SEB as an employer for tech people. It was great to discover how much tech is at the forefront of modern banking.”

When asking Celine about the previously mentioned main assignment, it does get a bit complicated, however. Or techy, if you will.

A Question of Semantics

A few years back, SEB started developing its Impact Metric Tool – a software to check listed companies against the sustainability criteria of the EU Taxonomy. It was some specific features of this tool that Celine’s main assignment focused on.

“I was developing a method for making better use of the existing data, within the tool. Basically, I wanted to discover to what degree companies within semantically related industries, also show similarities when it comes to carbon emissions.”

And what would the practical use of such a feature be?

“The goal is to find ways to better predict the emission intensity of companies that, for example, have not been classified according to any official standards. This was a first step, and I would love to explore the topic further.”

What’s Next for the Tech Talent of the Year?

Next, Celine is going back to finish her master’s degree in machine learning at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. She will also keep working part-time at SEB. But looking further ahead – is there a ten-year plan, perhaps?

“All I know is that I want to keep learning and challenging myself. That’s really the most important thing to me. But I’ve had a great time at SEB, so who knows …”