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Top rating for SEB's sustainability advice

SEB hits a grand slam in a recent Prospera study focusing on banks’ sustainability advice. SEB comes up on top in Sweden, Finland and Denmark and is also rated number in one in total, among both companies and institutions in the Nordic region.

”This acknowledgement of everyone’s hard work is, naturally, very encouraging. The competition within the field has intensified, which is also reflected in the figures. Our strong brand values within sustainability, together with great advisory and product quality, make us stand out. Having said that, there is still a lot to be done within the segment. I am proud of our achievements, but not content”, Hans Beyer, Chief Sustainability Officer, says.

The new report is based on the results of some 30 different customer surveys, pooled together. Said surveys have been conducted by Prospera during 2020, among close to 1,800 companies and institutions in the Nordic region. Partially the material is made up of the extensive studies Corporate and Institutional Banking, but also of separate surveys within various product areas.

In all of these surveys, there is one question – worded in slightly different ways – where customers can assess how good the banks are at supporting them with sustainability advice. The result of these questions have then been added up to a total score.

SEB is ranked number one in the Nordics with a total of 1146 points. In second place is Nordea with 946 points and Danske Bank finishes third with 693. SEB is ranked number one both among companies and financial institutions.
If you look at individual countries, SEB is ranked number one in Sweden, Finland and Denmark (shared first place). In Norway, SEB is ranked number two, with Nordea as number one.

The survey also shows that several banks, including SEB, have improved their scores in terms of sustainability advice during 2020. For SEB, the increase is 33 points, while the bank with the highest increase is Handelsbanken, which rises to second place in Sweden.