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SEB Eureka winner in Nordic Hedge Award

Photo: SEB Eureka team

The hedge fund SEB Eureka Fixed Income Relative Value has won the prestigious Nordic Hedge Awards 2020 in the category “Best Nordic Fixed Income Hedge Fund”. This is a recognition of our investment policy based on superior risk-adjusted returns”, says Bo M. Andersen, CIO of the fund.

The prize, which was announced on April 22, was awarded based on 1 and 3 year absolute and risk-adjusted returns and a qualitative assessment by the Nordic Hedge Awards jury board. This is the second award for the fund. In 2018 the fund was awarded “Rookie of the Year” in the Nordic Hedge Awards. 

On behalf of the entire team I am happy and proud  that we won this prestigious award, recognizing our superior risk-adjusted returns since we launched the fund a little more than 3 years ago”, says Bo M. Andersen, CIO of the fund.

Peter Høltermand, Country Manager of SEB Denmark, remarks that “SEB Eureka is a cornerstone in SEB’s alternative fund offering” and adds that “the consistent performance that the team has created – in good times and bad – shows that the fund has delivered on the ambitions we had when we started setting up the fund in 2016. Given the stellar three year track record,  the outlook for AUM growth looks promising ”.

SEB Eureka Fixed Income Relative Value is a Scandinavian fixed income relative value fund focusing on the Nordics. It is distributed to professional investors and targets “absolute returns” with a high focus on delivering superior risk adjusted and uncorrelated returns. The fund is managed by a three-person portfolio management team based in SEB Investment Management, Denmark. The fund was initially seeded by a handful of institutional investors and started up with an AUM of 1.1bn DKK. Today AUM is running at 2.8bn DKK.