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SEB enables increased flexibility regarding remote work

Johan Torgeby

SEB will enable increased flexibility regarding remote work when the restrictions that have been implemented due to the pandemic have been lifted. That means that the bank’s employees will be able to combine work from the office with the possibility to work as many as two days per week from home or another location than the office.

The pandemic has during the past year changed both how we work and where we work, and in turn accelerated the development of new ways of working and digital solutions, both at SEB and in society at large. SEB now sees the possibility to benefit from the development that has taken place by introducing a hybrid model where employees can combine work from the office with working remotely.

“We have created this policy for the benefit of our employees with the aim to provide flexibility and, among other things, the possibility to save time as less time can be spent on commuting between work and home, which in turn also creates an opportunity for SEB to further contribute to the low-carbon economy. However, we still believe in the face-to-face meeting, not only when interacting with our customers but also among employees. The policy that is now brought forward will enable us to combine the advantages of working at the office and working remote, and to find a good balance between these two going forward”, says Johan Torgeby, SEB’s President and CEO.

The level of flexibility will depend on work role and work responsibilities, and be based on a risk assessment. As a bank, SEB has a critical function in society and many tasks will have to continue to be carried out from the office also going forward. The increased possibility for remote work is voluntary and employees who wish to continue to work full-time from the office, as they did before the pandemic, will be able to do so.