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Prospera: SEB strengthens position as leading corporate bank in Nordic countries

SEB has retained and strengthened its position as the leading corporate bank in the Nordic countries when large corporates rated their banks in Prospera’s latest customer survey. SEB is now ranked number one also in Denmark and Finland.

“It’s really gratifying that customers are satisfied with what we do. My biggest takeaway is the consistency of scores – that we ranked number one in three countries and number two with a one-point margin in the fourth country. It’s great! We seem to have established ourselves at a higher level in all of the countries,” comments Andreas Fredriksson, head of Corporate Banking in the Large Corporates & Financial Institutions division.

Prospera’s Corporate Banking 2021 survey was conducted between 6 September and 12 November and is based on interviews with CFOs and treasury heads of 334 companies, of which just under half with sales higher than EUR 1.5bn (Tier 1) and the remainder with sales between EUR 500bn and EUR 1.5bn (Tier 2).

For the second year in a row SEB was ranked at the top and widened its lead both overall and in both segments. Its total score rose from 4.20 and 4.29.

In terms of the overall banking relationship, or “overall performance”, SEB is now ranked at the top of all 11 sub-categories, from personal contacts to sustainability support. The latter is also the area in which customer satisfaction rose the most.

How do you explain the good result?

“To the outstanding efforts of all employees. It’s especially gratifying that we made huge leaps among Tier 2 companies and improved our customer satisfaction scores in all of the countries. This can be credited to a conscious strategy where we are focusing more systematically on that segment. It has really generated results.

 “Of course, our successes in Denmark and Finland are also great news, where we are now ranked at the top among all customers. In Norway, too, we have done a great job even though we didn’t make it all the way to the top. The margins are very small, however.”

Financial services and the bank as a whole

“In the area of financial services, SEB was ranked as number one in loans and trade finance. In the area covering the bank as a whole, SEB was number one in commitment and support during the coronavirus pandemic.”

What is most important to continue improving?

“We will continue our work on ensuring that our customers are satisfied and experience that we are a good partner. That is the overall goal and a never-ending process,” says Andreas Fredriksson.

See the top 5 ranking at Prospera (pdf)