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Machine learning focus at upcoming Pink Programming event

Foto: Zainab Imam Din, Petra Barkeby och Martina Nordenson
Zainab Imam Din, Petra Barkeby och Martina Nordenson.
On Sunday 25 April, SEB together with the non-profit organisation Pink Programming will hold its fourth programming event together. Zainab Imam Din, Petra Barkeby and Martina Nordenson participate.

Pink Programming wants to inspire more women to try programming by arranging Sunday coding with experienced mentors who lead workshops in different code languages. Since its inception, the organisation has coded along with over 6,000 participants during more than 150 code meetings and camps.

This time the focus is on machine learning, which is an attractive subject in the IT and development industry. The day begins with a panel discussion with Petra Barkeby and Zainab Imam Din from SEB's Technology unit and Martina Nordenson from SEBx who will answer questions about corporate culture, development opportunities at the bank and what it is like to be a woman in general in the IT industry. After that, those of the participants who are beginners will be able to try out an easier code exercise, while those who have more experience will be given a trickier task to try. SEB will have mentors online to support and inspire problem solving.

With an event in machine learning, Matilda Nordquist, project manager within Employer Branding, hopes to increase knowledge about SEB as an employer in the developer world, and also inspire more women to become programmers. SEB is always looking for developers with cutting-edge expertise in different code languages.

“The need to recruit developers is great, not only at SEB, but in the entire labour market. Therefore, the collaboration with Pink Programming is both important and strategic for us in several aspects. We hope to promote the great gender equality work that the organisation stands for and at the same time attract new talent,” says Nordquist.

Since the start of the collaboration in 2019, SEB and Pink Programming have organised three events together. The most recent was held in November 2020. Surveys conducted afterwards have shown that nine out of ten developers were positive about SEB as an employer.

To register for the event, you need to go to Pink Programming's Facebook page (link below). There you will find a link to the event. Please note that there are a limited number of seats available and that tickets usually run out quickly.

To Pink Programming on Facebook