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Jürgen Baudisch to succeed Johan Andersson as head of SEB Germany

Jürgen Baudisch and Johan Andersson
Jürgen Baudisch and Johan Andersson

As part of a long-term succession plan, Jürgen Baudisch, currently head of division Large Corporates & Financial Institutions in Germany, will gradually take over responsibility as country manager after Johan Andersson.

Since 2016, Johan Andersson has been responsible for SEB's operations in Germany as CEO and Country Manager. He has led the transformation of the German organization into a branch and focused its activities on the core business with corporates and financial institutions. He has been instrumental in laying the foundation for SEB's current position in Germany.

Johan will now gradually hand over his managerial tasks to Jürgen Baudisch. At the turn of the year, Jürgen will take over the role of CEO and branch manager for SEB in Germany. Johan will remain as country manager until the end of the first half of 2022, when Jürgen will take over full responsibility as country manager. After the change, Johan Andersson will remain in SEB Germany as a senior banker.

“Johan has successfully led the work of transforming the German business and establishing an efficient business model with a clear growth ambition. With his previous long experience as SEB's Group Risk Officer, he has served as an important ambassador for the risk culture and business acumen that is the bank's core, says Johan Torgeby, SEB’s President and CEO.

“When Jürgen now gradually takes over, we ensure continuity in the transition. I feel confident that we, with Jürgen in the lead, will be able to leverage on the great growth potential in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as further strengthen and deepen relations with our existing customers, says Joachim Alpen co-head of LC&FI.