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Baltic app helps measure carbon footprint

SEB has launched a mobile app called MyFootprint in the Baltic market, which allows everyone to measure their carbon footprint and get tips on how to reduce it – making it easier to contribute to a better environment and stable climate.

"Taking care of the environment is becoming increasingly important for people. Yet good guidance for sustainable living, a tool giving individual-level advice on easy to achieve changes towards more environmentally friendly lifestyle in their daily habits, was missing until now. With the new app, we have created a practical tool to support and help all consumers on their journey towards greener living," says Eerika Vaikmäe-Koit, head of Retail Banking in Baltic division.

SEB has a central role in enabling the transition towards a more sustainable future. By leveraging the bank’s products and services and working together with customers, the goal is to help bring the desired effect of tackling climate change.

“Everyone is talking about sustainability and how can we save the planet. MyFootprint is a completely new and unique approach for a bank to reach out to the consumers, but I believe it will really help us to educate and support the consumers in the transition towards sustainable society. It has been an outstanding achievement by the Baltic team, who worked on this project – truly impressive,” says Niina Äikäs, head of Baltic division.

How does the carbon footprint calculator work?

The app is available for everyone in all three Baltic countries – having the SEB mobile app or being the bank's customer are not prerequisites. It is free and available for download onto the mobile phone from Google Play Store and App Store.

The application measures personal carbon footprint based on the person's lifestyle and consumer habits in five categories: eating habits, housing, commuting, long-distance traveling, and shopping. The practical tool also gives tips and tricks on reducing the footprint and an opportunity to take part in gamified challenges with friends and family to achieve more sustainable living together. 

What is planned for the months ahead?

SEB has created the tool together with Deedster, a Swedish fintech company, developing tools and technical solutions to speed up everyday actions towards sustainable living based on the latest climate data.

“In the upcoming months, we are planning to continue the collaboration and update the solution with additional challenges and functionality. This way, after finding their carbon footprint, all consumers could use the mobile app as a practical tool to continuously improve in contributing to a better environment and stable climate,” says Vaikmäe-Koit.