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Strengthened customer focus in updated Corporate Sustainability Policy

A new updated Corporate Sustainability Policy has been adopted by SEB's Board of Directors, and today, on June 1, the new sustainability organization led by Hans Beyer, Chief Sustainability Officer, is also being launched. This will further increase the pace of SEB's sustainability work.

The updated policy clearly states that “SEB aims to be the indisputable leader in sustainable finance in our home-markets and selected strategic areas”. There is also an increased focus on SEB's important role in supporting customers in the transition to a low-carbon economy in accordance with the Paris Agreement, as well as in the contribution to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“For many years, we have worked successfully with sustainability, but expectations on us are growing, from customers, investors and employees alike. In order to succeed, we want to gear up and focus even more on areas that create value for our stakeholders”, says Johan Torgeby, President and CEO.

Among the focus areas highlighted in the policy are:

  • Competence development – strengthen sustainability competence in the organisation in order to even better support SEB’s customers.
  • Customer classification – classify SEB's credit portfolio, i.e. measuring the climate impact of our corporate customers in order to be able to steer and set strategic goals for the future.
  • Investment offering – strive to have a comprehensive and competitive investment offering with sustainability risks and impacts integrated into investment processes and products.
  • Product development – strengthen the development of innovative sustainable financing and investment opportunities for our customers.
  • Advisory capacity – through solid know-how in sustainability and in the understanding of the regulatory landscape, strive to offer the best advisory capacity in sustainability.
  • Impact – strive to consciously steer SEB's impact through services, products and capital, in line with the sustainability commitments made by SEB and supported by targets and metrics.
  • Risk management – ensure appropriate sustainability risk due diligence is available in relevant decision making bodies.

“By being a committed and long-term partner, we support our customers and are an enabler in the transition. In this way, we contribute to a more sustainable society”, says Sara Öhrvall, Chief Digital, Customer Experience and Communication Officer.

Hans Beyer now formally assumes the position of Chief Sustainability Officer and thus begins work in the strengthened Group Sustainability organisation.

“This is going to be very exciting. All organisational details are not yet in place but we’re building the new organisation from a position of strength. I’m convinced that with enhanced resources and solid support from top management and owners we will succeed to be even more successful in supporting our customers and society with world-leading sustainable financial solutions and products.”

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