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SEB Sverigefond Småbolag C/R winner in Morningstar Fund Awards

”An outstanding winner of 5 years performance and an overall better performance than average”. This is part of the motivation from the jury when SEB Sverigefond Småbolag C/R was awarded best small cap fund in Morningstar Fund award today Monday March 9.

“It is fantastic getting one of the most prestigious awards in the business. It is backward looking for five years which is an acknowledgement for us serving our customer with high return for a long period, says Per Trygg, Portfolio Manager”.

A consistent and long-term investment philosophy with focus on high quality companies with expected good increase have set the foundation of the fund's strong performance In addition the fund has benefit from the low-interest environment where high quality companies with promising future have been rewarded in the stock market. And Per Trygg have good hopes for the future.

“We expect that small cap will continue to outperform the overall stock market over time.”

Per Trygg received the price together with Daniel Klint och Kristofer Flack from the small cap team. SEB Hållbarhetsfond Sverige was also nominated however not rewarded.