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SEB initiates collaboration with Nordic Smart Government

SEB is the first bank to enter into a collaboration with Nordic Smart Government, an initiative from the Nordic ministers of commerce aimed at simplifying daily life for small and medium-sized enterprises while at the same time creating growth by using data, digitalisation and automation more efficiently and innovatively.

“We welcome the NSG programme’s initiative for reducing administrative work for companies with the help of automation and the sharing of standardised, real-time data,” says Stefan Stignäs, head of Corporate Markets at SEB.

Nordic Smart Government was launched in 2018 by the Nordic ministers of commerce. The goal is to create a digital ecosystem for financial information. The idea is to enable SMEs to share financial data between each other and with authorities in real time and securely. To date, 16 Nordic organisations, tax authorities, patent and company agencies, and statistics authorities have joined the initiative.

“We see a clear need for the financial sector to participate and encourage other Nordic banks to become involved in the collaboration,” says Stignäs. “It represents a valuable complement to the joint-bank initiatives for the P27 Nordic payments platform and a uniform Nordic Know Your Customer infrastructure.”

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