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SEB focuses on female ownership in new campaign

In a new marketing campaign, SEB puts the spotlight on female ownership by highlighting the fact that women in Sweden own a significantly lower proportion of land, property and stocks than men.

The campaign started with a film about female ownership on International Women's Day on 8 March and will also focus on equal pensions, female entrepreneurship and sustainable savings.

"We want to shed light on the problem and stimulate thoughts about an important sustainability issue, but above all show what SEB can do to promote increased savings and ownership," says Sara Öhrvall, head of Digital, Customer Experience & Communication at SEB.

The film is based on the fact that women only own 15 percent of private land, 25 percent of the property value, and 33 percent of privately held Swedish stocks, according to numbers from SEB's partner Ownershift. The film explains why that is by looking at four fictional women in a historical context, from the 1840s until today.

"As a modern bank we want to show that we take a stand on values-related issues," says Mathias Appelblad, Creative Director at SEB. "We need to reach new target groups and become better at appealing to women and young people in order to strengthen our brand position and capture a bigger share of the savings market."

With the campaign, SEB wants to contribute to changing the situation by helping more women to invest, reach leading positions and start businesses. It's part of the bank's focus on sustainability and a way to show that SEB has an all-embracing approach to sustainability.

"This is an area where we, through our advice and our services, can make a difference for our customers," says David Teare, the head of SEB's life division.

A number of female entrepreneurs participate in the film to highlight the issue. They are:

Moa Gürbüzer, founder of Oddbird
Emma Rozada, founder of The Techno Creatives
Martina Klingvall, founder of Telness
Alice Moradian, founder of Earth Bite
Sofie Allert, founder of Swedish Algae Factory
Isabella Palmgren, founder of Mimblys
Emelie Meurk Demerud, founder of Headylity Technology
Malin Andén, founder of By Malina
Polina Otto and Alexandra Sandberg, founders of Carrus Network

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