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New digital event together with Pink Programming

On Sunday, 1 November, SEB and non-profit organisation Pink Programming for the second year will hold a programming event together. This time the event is digital with only a small group of mentors and project managers on site in SEB's Arenastaden premises.

Pink Programming wants to inspire more women to try programming by arranging Sunday coding events with experienced mentors who lead workshops in different code languages. This year, the focus is on the mainframe computer and the programming language Cobol.

All women are welcome to participate, and it does not matter what previous knowledge you have, Pink Programming is aimed at both experienced developers and those who have never written code before.

"We are pleased to be able to continue collaborating for a more accessible and inclusive IT and developer industry. The need for developers is constant for SEB," says Cecilia Ritzén, initiator at SEB and member of the Board for Pink Programming.

The organisation was formed in 2015 by three then students from Lund University in Southern Sweden who during their studies realised the need to have more female colleagues in the industry. It started with a code camp during the summer holidays and soon grew to include Sunday coding.

The need to recruit developers is great, not only at SEB, but in the entire labour market. Pink Programming plays an important role by creating a place where women can learn to program in an inspiring and unpretentious environment.

During the broadcast from Arenastaden, the participants will listen to Petra Ålund, who is head of Technology at SEB. She's going to talk about the importance of teamwork and how this affects SEB as an employer.

SEB arranged two events together with Pink Programming in 2019 and these turned out well with a total of 150 people who participated, then on site in Arenastaden outside of Stockholm. Surveys done after the events showed that 9 of 10 developers had a positive view of SEB as an employer.

Sign up via Pink Programmings Facebook page (link below), and note that only 100 seats are available.

Sign up here (from 27 October at 3 pm)