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SEB – the right workplace for enthusiastic system developer

Meet Farhad Johari, an enthusiastic system developer, working within Pension & Insurance in SEB's super modern office at Stjärntorget in Solna. In these open premises there are no stiff dress codes or rigid attitudes – instead you can feel the spirit of ambition, the focus on innovation and the helpfulness setting the tone for the work day.

A perfect match

After having graduated from the faculty of Engineering LTH at Lund University, a job in the finance business was not an obvious choice for Farhad.

– It was my brother who advised me to apply for a job at SEB. To be honest I didn’t have any high hopes of getting this job. But I was called to an interview and, yes here I am!

Farhad says he was surprised when he got the job offer – surprised and a little bit shocked. In the beginning, I was actually somewhat scared that I would not fit in. But it turned out that we are a perfect match. I get the opportunity to develop together with my employer and at the same time I have fantastic and really fun colleagues!

Actually, having many fun colleagues turned out to be a bit of a surprise.

– I have to admit that I had some prejudices and thought that people working in banking are quite rigid and uniform. But, as it usually is with prejudices, it was completely wrong. SEB is a fun workplace with room for many different kinds of people.

Learn from each other

SEB value ​​its employees' differences and believe that you can get further by learning from each other's unique knowledge and qualities.

– For example, I was encouraged to apply for SEB's "Reversed Mentorship", a programme where junior employees are paired with a more senior colleague to show how we work with new technologies and new ways of working.

Farhad is a mentor to Magnus Agustsson, CRO (Chief Risk Officer) at SEB.

– My hope is to make it easier for Magnus in his work. His tasks are incredibly important and it would be amazing if my input could be of value to him. I am passionate about helping and I believe that it was my commitment together with my expertise that made me get this mentor role.

SEB is in the forefront

Farhad believes that SEB is far ahead when it comes to technology and innovation.

– We really are. At the same time it is important to remember that having technological cutting edge must never become an end in itself. User-friendliness and security should always come first.

We support each other and help where it is needed.

It is primarily SEB's culture driving the company's innovation power, says Farhad. He describes an international company where employees share experiences and help each other with different issues.

SEB simply provides the best possibilities for development. I have daily talks with my colleagues in Malaysia via Skype and sometimes they come here or we go there. It doesn't matter if my colleagues are in the same house or on the other side of the globe; we support each other and help where needed. The old picture of a programmer sitting alone and staring at a screen is really out of date. Here, instead we see the value of sharing and listening to each other.

Written by Liv Lövendahl