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SEB receives top ranking in commissioned research

SEB is ranked at the top in commissioned research. This was shown in a fresh Prospera survey in which more than 90 buyers of commissioned research ranked their providers. 

“We are happy to see that SEB’s strong brand and long tradition in research have generated this result, and we are especially proud that our researchers received a top ranking in integrity, for example, which is an important parameter,” says Nicklas Fhärm, head of Corporate Research.

It was in April last year that SEB opened a new line of business, commissioned research, where companies pay for their own corporate analysis. The focus is mainly on smaller companies that are not covered by traditional equities analysis.

SEB does not issue any recommendations or target prices, but in other respects its corporate research is not is not as extensive or in-depth as other equities analysis with respect to earnings projections and company valuations.

Prospera’s survey shows that SEB has the strongest brand among the research houses included in the study. Customers also received a list of ranked providers in eleven different areas, and the composite result is presented in an Overall Performance score.

SEB was ranked number 1 with a score of 4.06 on a five-point scale. In the various subsets, SEB received the highest score for its analysts’ integrity, personal contacts, distribution networks among financial institutions, and events and performance for financial institutions.

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