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SEB and SAS co-invest in a new AI company

SEB and SAS are investing together in Combient mix, a new company recently spun off from Combient, where a number of large Nordic companies cooperate to speed up their digital transformation.

The goal of Combient mix is to develop a full-scale center for artificial intelligence (AI) that will support the companies that are part of Combient's network when they make investments in AI and automation. In addition to SEB and SAS, Combient has an ownership interest in Combient mix.

Since Combient was founded in early 2015, the company has delivered services within AI and created cooperation opportunities between the 28 large companies behind Combient to accelerate their digital transformation. It is to scale up the business and secure a responsible and holistic approach to AI that Combient now founded the new company Combient mix.

Through specialised products, services and research in the area, Combient mix will work to speed up the transformation in a range of industries across the Nordic countries.

"Data is a key asset for SEB and its customers. Using AI ethically and efficiently to serve our customers is therefore a priority for us. By leveraging a unique competency pool like Combient mix together with other Combient companies, we take the natural next step in this area," says Nicholas Moch, Chief Information Officer at SEB and member of the board in Combient mix.

"With Combient mix, we are equipped to attract and secure the absolute top talent for our network of companies while accelerating progress in the field by collaborating across industries and countries," says Mats Agervi.

Combient has offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Helsinki.