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Fintech collaboration provides digital financing solution

SEB’s collaboration with fintech company Capcito is now starting in earnest. Through Capcito, SEB’s small business customers are offered a digital solution which provides simple access to a dynamic overdraft.

“We want to meet customers where they are and in their environment of choice. This is a complement to our other services for small business customers. Liquidity is often in short supply for smaller companies and here they can get access to liquidity in real-time in order to grow their business,” says Stefan Stignäs, Head of Corporate Market at Corporate & Private Customers.

In September, SEB became a shareholder in Capcito with an investment of SEK 10 million. The company’s business model is linked to the automation wave that is underway in the accounting sector. By connecting to cloud-based business systems, Capcito can make a real-time valuation of the customer’s bookkeeping data and thus calculate the customer’s borrowing capacity which is presented directly on the screen.

A solution is now being activated which means that SEB’s small corporate customers can be offered operational financing in a smooth and wholly digital manner. Capcito is the lender, but financing is enabled through a credit line from SEB.