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Top ranking for SEB sustainability fund

Fondmarknaden.se, Sweden's largest marketplace for funds, this week named the best funds in different categories for 2016. SEB Hållbarhetsfond Global (a sustainability fund) won in the Best Ethical fund category.

Fondmarknaden.se, Sweden's largest marketplace for funds, this week named the best funds for 2016. An SEB sustainability fund won in the Best Ethical fund category. 

”Naturally I am very pleased about this award. In particular, since sustainability is at the top of the agenda everywhere today. We notice this through an increased interest in the fund and in the fund company’s sustainability efforts in general," says Christian Darenhill, manager of SEB Hållbarhetsfond Global.

"Through the management of the fund, we contribute actively to a better environment while at the same time creating value for our customers. In SEB Hållbarhetsfond Global we are working with positive selection. This means that the fund do not only exclude companies, but we are using digitised analysis to find companies working actively with environmental related questions. It is particularly gratifying that we stand out in competition with both Swedish and global competitors in this area."

SEB also won the category best North America Fund with SEB North America Small/Mid Cap Fund. Fondmarknaden.se selects winners based on an assessment of risk-adjusted returns during 2016 as well as over 36 months, and in addition also take into account qualitative aspects such as the funds’ availability for clients in all segments.

"This is very gratifying and I am extremely proud. We have a clear objective to include sustainability factors in all our investment processes, and our investment teams as well as the product organisation are working intensively with this. That SEB Hållbarhetsfond Global received this award is an important confirmation that our work gives results for our customers", says Peter Branner, head of SEB Investment Management.

SEB North America Small/Mid Cap Fund is managed by external partner Hermes.