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Tips on keeping the summer more secure

Unfortunately the number of frauds increase and the imposters use yet more sophisticated methods. Here are some important points to look out for.

If your computer is attacked by a virus, there is a risk of losing important data or an unauthorised party gaining access to information. The virus can also lead to major costs owing to the work involved in restoring the computer equipment back to working order.

To reduce these risks, you should ensure that your computer has virus protection. We recommend that you use anti-virus software that is continuously updated.  

Beware of unfamiliar links and attachments

Think twice before clicking on a link that you don’t recognise. Beware of e-mail attachments, and always scan them for viruses.

Be sure to check the accuracy of your task before signing anything

You will always receive information on what you are signing using your BankID app when you are asked for your PIN code. It is important to check that the information provided corresponds with the task you have entered into the app or online banking website.