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SEB to invest in digital operational financing firm

SEB is investing SEK 10 m and going in as a part-owner in the fintech company Capcito. The company offers an online service through which companies can link their business systems to Capcito and thereby gain access to dynamic operational financing based on their cash flow and underlying accounts receivable.

“Capcito has developed an attractive solution that saves time and makes it easier for smaller businesses to solve their financing needs,” says Kristina Söderberg, who is responsible for the investment at SEB Venture Capital.


The company’s business model is related to the automation wave that is currently under way in the accounting sector. By connecting itself to cloud-based business systems, Capcito can perform real-time assessments of a customer’s bookkeeping data and thereby calculate the customer’s borrowing scope, which is shown directly on the computer screen.

The investment in Capcito is in line with SEB’s ambition to simplify everyday life for its business customers by increasing accessibility to the bank’s services.

“Through this partnership with Capcito we will be able to help customers cover their need for fast operational financing – conveniently and entirely digitally,” he adds. “Through Capcito and their business systems, SEB’s customers will gain access to a dynamic form of operational financing. Capcito is the lender, but is funded by SEB,” says Stefan Stignäs, head of corporate markets in the Corporate & Private Customers division.

Apart from SEB, the bank Collector is also acquiring a part-ownership stake in Capcito through its venture capital unit Collector Ventures.