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SEB awarded for innovative use of AI technology

SEB’s Head of Info, Architecture & Strategy, Nicolas Moch, was presented a Supernova Award for the way the bank uses artificial intelligence in its digital customer service. The award aims to spotlight innovative use of emerging technologies.

SEB was awarded for its use of the AI agent Aida, who provides assistance both in internal IT support as well as in answering chat questions on seb.se. The service is based on the AI platform Amelia, which was developed by the software company IPSoft.

“We see this as an exploratory journey in which we start with small, narrowly-defined application areas,” comments Nicolas Moch. “The main purpose of this venture is to create an entirely new channel in which customers can get answers to their questions as quickly and efficiently as possible at times that suit them.”

The award was presented on Friday at the Connected Enterprise Summit in California. The awards are sponsored by the Silicon Valley–based consulting firm Constellation Research.

Here is the chat with Aida on seb.se (in Swedish)