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Salla Franzén – new Chief Data Scientist at SEB

Salla Franzén has been named as Chief Data Scientist at SEB. She has a doctorate in mathematics and has served within SEB since 2011, both in Investment Management and Group Risk. “It will be exciting to be able to focus entirely on making SEB a more data-driven company,” she says. “Data is the heart of the bank, and that heart beats for its customers.” 

Salla Franzén grew up in Helsinki but has lived in Sweden for 20 years. She has a qualified background as a mathematician, with special interests in machine learning, algorithms and new technology.

In 2011 she was recruited to SEB as a fund risk analyst before becoming a fund manager for fixed income and index funds, and thereafter a team leader for equity index funds. She comes most recently from a role as counterparty risk manager in Group Risk.

Data-driven Company
In her new position Salla will lead an analysis team tasked with inspiring and supporting the business by working in a more data-driven way – that is, by extracting more value from all of the data the bank is sitting on.

“I see us as ambassadors and inspirers for using data to create value for customers,” says Salla. “We will work close to the business – both through training and support.”

How would you describe yourself? 

“I have attended a few leadership courses and received feedback that I am perceived as being cheerful, intelligent and surprising. Apparently many people do not expect a mathematician to be open and cheerful,” she says with a laugh.

“I am a team player and cheerleader, and I’m driven by curiosity. I’m a ‘why’ person!”