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New developer page – step towards an open banking world

SEB is now taking another step towards a more open banking world. On the new website, developer.sebgroup.com, developers can register their interest in creating new solutions when SEB shortly make the first open interfaces available. 

“There are many theoretical ways to describe Open Banking, but from the customers’ perspective it is simple. By offering other’s service on our platform and make our services available for others we can provide the best customer experience,” says SEB’s Chief Strategy Officer Rasmus Järborg.

The new developer portal is a concrete step in the development called Open Banking, which is redrawing the map for who can offer banking services and also what services banks can offer. The driving forces behind this are new technology, changed customer behaviours and new regulations.

SEB plans to launch the developer portal early next year. There developers can access the bank’s standardised technical interfaces, so called APIs, that are open for all licensed third-party companies.

Already now SEB is launching a registration page for those who want to gain early access when the first two APIs for account information and payment initiation become available.