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SEB Globalfond Lux named Global Fund of the Year

Swedish business magazine Privata Affärer has named SEB Globalfond Lux the Global Fund of the Year. “This feels great and proves that hard work pays off. I believe that my strong team, our carefully prepared investment process and our clear goals are what got us here”, says Ulrika Bergman, head of the team who manages SEB Globalfond Lux.

In addition to this award, the other week SEB Globalfond Lux was also awarded the title best fund all categories as well as winner of the category best global fund by Fondmarknaden.se, Sweden's largest marketplace for funds.

What lies behind the success?

“We work with rules-based system support in order to detect patterns in the market, for example shares that are priced wrong. We can scan 3,000 company stocks globally each day, and in this way we find support for our investment decisions,” says team leader Ulrika Bergman.

She says the fund's Sharpe ratio, a way to measure returns related to the risk taken, of above 3 – is proof of success. It is an almost sensationally high figure for this type of fund according to Privata affärer. Of course this makes the fund stand out, and since 2010 the fund’s assets under management has increased from less than one billion Swedish kronor to 15 billion kronor.

What are your thoughts for the future?

“Even though we continuously work with improvements, we never make any drastic changes. Instead our analytical work focuses on making small improvements and adjustments to refine our methods and models. We all believe in continuity and that the long-term drivers in the market that create value are persistent,” Bergman says.

Peter Branner is head of Investment Management, the unit that manages all of SEB’s funds. He says the Global Equity team is a good example of modern investment management in practise.

“When we launched the approach some years ago, there was a lot of skepticism around and I recall some people claiming that “the robots are taking over at SEB”. Today our investment philosophy is much more accepted and I think that many of our competitors are gradually following us. Our clients will benefit from that fact, but we obviously need to move on to keep our competitive advantages,” Branner says.