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SEB wins gold medal in Latvia’s Sustainability Index

SEB in Latvia repeated its performance from last year and claimed a gold medal in the Sustainability Index competition, a joint initiative by the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia and the Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia.

SEB reached an index value of 84.55 in the survey, putting it in the gold category together with six more companies. Aldaris, a brewery owned by Denmark’s Carlsberg, was the only company to claim a platinum medal. 29 companies received silver medals and 9 bronze medals. 75 companies in total participated in the Sustainability Index survey.

The Sustainability Index rate companies performance in 5 categories – profile and strategy, market relations, environment, society and working environment. Each of the participants had to answer 106 questions, and each answer had to be proven – either by picture or link if possible.

Separately, Latvia’s Ministry of Welfare for the second year in a row extended SEB a family friendly company award. This award counted towards the score in the Sustainability Index. In addition to SEB, another 10 companies received the award this year.