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SEB, customers support Latvian children’s hospital

SEB in the campaign donated one lat to the hospital on behalf for each new client that applied for the bank’s second pillar pension plans.

Ieva Tetere, head of retail banking and Pavils Misins, head of wealth management at SEB in Latvia jointly presented the donation recently. The money will be used to purchase materials required for the recovery of the patients.

“We received a lot of warm wishes and clients also showed an interest in finding ways of helping the Children’s Hospital individually. This again proves that together we can achieve a lot indeed,” Tetere says.

She noted that SEB had reached its goal in the campaign and that it was a pleasure working towards it.

Andis Lacis, who is medical director at the hospital, extended his gratitude to SEB for the support provided in a time when government support is limited and some of the needed improvements had been postponed for financial reasons.

“This will help the hospital create opportunities to undertake post-disease rehabilitation which is much more modern and efficient and to provide quality help to a significantly greater number of patients than before,” he said.

The donation totalled 10,334 lats and 1 lat approximately equals 1.42 euro.