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Cutting edge solutions that unlock parts of your value chain

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Working with some of the most advanced corporates in northern Europe, we have developed a far-reaching process aimed at unlocking parts of your financial value chain. Our aim is to help our clients to optimise their global liquidity positions and financial processes to release working capital and at the same time cut costs and mitigate risk, where ever they do business.

Companies have traditionally focused on driving down the more obvious costs, such as interest charges and bank fees. If, however, clients analyse corporate cash management from a process perspective it becomes obvious that substantial savings can be made and additional risk mitigated.

With our Corporate Financial Value Chain ™ methodology, we show clients how they are performing within six clearly identified areas. We benchmark the administrative and financial processes against peers– from purchasing and sales, risk management, cash positioning, cash flow forecasting, short-term investment and funding through to payments and collections. Our aim is to collaborate on an action plan for continuous improvement. Call us and we will find solutions together.


Paula Da Silva

Head of Transaction Services
Phone: +4687638841