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Factoring and receivable financing

If you have assets tied up in your balance sheet and need to improve your liquidity – we offer services that optimises your working capital.

Receivables Lending

Under a Receivables Lending contract, you pledge all your accounts receivables to us. We then use them, as collateral to offer you financing for up to 80% of the receivables’ total value. The invoices are sent electronically and the pledge is signed in our Internet banking service. Using the online service, you will be able to monitor all transactions on your accounts receivables as well as your loan.

In addition to financing, we offer full ledger administration services – including registration of inbound payments, reminders and dunning, overdue interest claims and collection services. In short, your administration will be simplified. A Receivables Lending program helps improve your liquidity and will many times reduce your interest costs.

Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance (SCF) is a receivables purchase product where we help you ensure good liquidity and enhanced reliability in your supply chain. This is done by us purchasing your suppliers’ receivables, generated by your purchasing activities.

As standard practice, an SCF program will for the most part also incorporate extended payment terms for you as a buyer. Since the bank will base the financing costs – paid by your suppliers – on your credit worthiness, this type of short term financing will in most cases be a very attractive option for your suppliers from a price perspective.

We also offer the possibility to impact your supply chain from a sustainability perspective, using our ESG-linked SCF solution.

Supply Chain Finance is intended for large corporates with solid credit scores and substantial purchasing volumes.

Receivables Purchase

Receivables Purchase allows you to sell your customer invoices to us and get paid directly. You assign your accounts receivables to us and get access to the purchase price on the agreed payment day. By doing this, you transfer your credit risk to us and improve your key ratios by exchanging accounts receivables for cash in your balance sheet.

Receivables Purchase is suitable for larger companies that want to reduce working capital and who sell to large, stable customers.